1070ti idle temp

Nevertheless, the FTW2's custom features certainly come into play for power, temperature, and noise, factors not to be underrated especially when compared against typically louder and hotter reference blower models. For the majority of the standard benchmarks, the difference was within the margin of error. At idle, the board turns off the fans under certain temperatures — the default master BIOS has a 60 degree threshold — and technically speaking, the LEDs pull some power, but total system consumption rarely reflects such small differences and adjustments.

Under load, the fans kick in and the card settles just below its default 72 degree throttle point, even while running FurMark. At idle, of course, the graphics card utilizes zero fan speed idle. Under load, the cooling design proves capable enough with the fans at a relatively low speed, resulting in a rather quiet profile. Both fans ramp up asynchronously, and both unsurprisingly ramp up higher in FurMark, which features higher temperatures across all the iCX sensors. The general idea behind asynchronous fans can be seen in how the right fan speeds up in response to higher memory and PWM temperatures.

This kind of power, temperature, and noise profile will suit some just fine: a quiet card with purposeful temperature LEDs, all without user intervention. Others will immediately notice the unutilized headroom. And on that note, we move on to the overclocking…. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Msi gtx 1070 gaming x idle temperature issue

Swag - Wednesday, January 31, - link Oh cool! Anandtech finally reviews some aftermarket gpus! If only we could actually, you know, buy them. Privacy Policy. Contact Us. Terms of Use. Show Full Site. All rights reserved. Log in Don't have an account? Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Lost your password?As always, we'll take a look at inter-related metrics of power, temperature and noise.

Particularly with noise, these factors can render unwanted even a decently-performing card, a situation that usually goes hand-in-hand with high power consumption and heat output. With the exception of a slightly higher idle voltage, everything remains the same in comparison to the GTX and The idle voltage actually matches the GTX Ti idle voltage, but isn't particularly significant as it seems to vary from card to card. In comparison to previous generations, these voltages are exceptionally lower because of the FinFET process used, something we went over in detail in our GTX and Founders Edition review.

As we said then, the 16nm FinFET process requires said low voltages as opposed to previous planar nodes, so this can be limiting in scenarios where a lot of power and voltage are needed, i.

The end result is that the GTX Ti is amusingly able to reverse the GeForce Founders Edition trend of decreased clocks with higher-performing models; that is, as we reviewed them, the GTX Ti maintained lower clockspeeds than the GTXwhich in turn had lower average clockspeeds than the vapor-chamberless GTXwhich had lower clockspeeds than the GTX Typically, that was the case due to extra hardware units, and thus extra power consumption and heat.

And we can also start to see the line of thinking that leads to framing the GTX Ti as an "overclocking monster. As those higher clockspeeds bear out in power, heat, and noise, there are no surprises here with the GTX Ti Founders Edition. We've already seen several variations in the aforementioned Founders Edition cards. Here, the blower and vapor chamber are more than adequate for what the card can put out, and in turn lessening the work and noise the fan needs to do.

Given the higher W TDP, the card can also be closer to GTX levels of power consumption if need be, though with measurements at the wall, the accuracy of quantification is less than ideal.

But in any case, the GTX Ti has no real necessity to be a power-sipper at this performance range, for which the crown has already gone to the GTX This follows in fanspeeds and noise as well, and particularly in the eternal power-virus that is Furmark.

How to Lower Your GPU Temperature

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Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. View More. Recent Blog Posts. Recent Photos. View More Photo Galleries. Unread PMs. Essentials Only Full Version. New Member. I have no overclock on it and I have it in a Corsair D case So the GPU sits flush with the open side vent meaning constant fresh cool air intake from the fans Its also quite cool in the room I have my computer in.

Given all of that, why are my temps so high? Re: GTX Ti, high temps? The ti has more cuda cores than the FTW Member. Fans total? One front mm intake attached to the AOI heatsink intake since I figured it wouldn't be very efficient to be "cooling" the AIO heatsink with the hot air blowing straight off the GPUthe whole array sits down and the to the side of the GPU, flush with the front of the case.

And then the two side mm exhausts. I have no fan on the back of the case. Even though the GPU is in front of the side grill can it really be counted as intake fans? If not then you have 1 x drawing air or pushing? With the rear being open are you sure you don't just have air being pulled in through the back and right on out via the side fans and having a dead flow area around the GPU? You almost need to figure out how to do a smoke test to see how the air is flowing Also perhaps change the thermal paste on the GPU for some Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut.

You almost need to figure out how to do a smoke test to see how the air is flowing Also perhaps change the thermal paste on the GPU for some Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Isn't that how these coolers work? They pull air straight towards them through the fans and exhaust out all the sides into the case? And if that's how that works, then the fans are, as I said, flush with the side grill, they are pulling air in from the vent. Here is a quick little paint of my fans and their airflow:.The MSI GTX Ti Duke has one of the thinner heatsinks of the series cards, and a lot of that comes down to card form factor: The Duke fits in a 2-slot form factor, but runs a three-fan cooler.

This mixture necessitates a thin, wide heatsink, which means relatively limited surface area for dissipation, but potentially quieter fans from the three-fan solution.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Founders Edition Review: GP104 Comes in Threes

Our focus here is on thermals and noise, with some minor build quality and value focus. Any differences in performance are resultant of silicon quality variance, and is not something that the board partners e. All performance between same-model series cards is, again, within variance of quality. There is zero point to testing gaming performance a second time, particularly when we can confirm performance with quick synthetic tests.

Of note, the Duke primarily consists of a 2-slot cooler with an extra-thin finstack — hardly the diameter of the heatpipes in its width. The cooler does struggle a bit to keep up with heat load, but adding an extra fan and some width somewhat counters this.

1070ti idle temp

Otherwise, the board is using Vishay Siliconix parts, as detailed in the above video content. Memory is at XMP1.

1070ti idle temp

Driver version We figure this will help even out some of the game biases that exist. We are testing:. This was during our standardized power virus torture test. Here are some noise-normalized numbers, with thermals tested at 40dBA normalized noise levels for all tested cards. The eye-catching thing here is that thermal performance improved when set to a 40dBA output, which is untrue for nearly every other card.

This happens for only one reason: The fans are faster at 40dBA, despite 40 decibels being generally on the lower-end of video card noise emissions.

1070ti idle temp

They are admittedly quiet, but also ineffective at cooling. Again, considering 40dBA was a faster speed than auto, the tuning is much different from most cards on the market. The clock averaged about MHz in this configuration, which is one part power limit and one part thermal limit.Did we get a bad sample from MSI or a great one from Nvidia?

A comparison using boards from Zotac, Gigabyte, Colorful, and Gainward suggests that we really hit the jackpot with our Founders Edition card, similar to previous launches. Otherwise, the two boards act as you'd expect them to. The stress test results paint a similar picture. Our voltage measurements shed some light on those clock rate results. Its slightly higher voltages allow it to hit more aggressive frequencies.

What are the chances we'd see two stellar samples? In fact, our U. Most important, the memory hot-spot we complained about previously is gone. These are great temperatures to report. These pictures illustrate the cold spots we get from MSI's and Nvidia's coolers.

Home Reviews. Image 1 of 2. Image 2 of 2. See all comments The NDA prison has freed everyone to release their reviews! Outstanding review, Chris. This card landed exactly where it was expected to, between the and In some games it gets real close to thewhere in other games, the is significantly ahead. Same with comparison to the RX 56 - close in some, not so close in others. Can we get Project Cars 2 in the mix soon? It's a shame the overclocking results were too inconsistent to report, but I guess that will have to wait for vendor versions to test.

Also, a hat tip for using p where this GPU is targeted. Now the question is what will the real world selling prices be vs. Do they not know what Ti means? For those interested, Guru3D overclocked their Founder's Edition sample successfully. Excellent for the lame blower cooler. The AIB vendor dual-triple fan cards will exceed that overclocking capability. Chris, what is it that pummels the minimums for the Ti and Vega 64 in BF1 at p? Also, wrt the testing of Division, and comparing to your Ti review back in March, I notice the results for the are identical at p The other cards are affected in the same way.

1070ti idle temp

Not sure if it's significant, but I also see and Ti performance at p being a bit better back in March. Re pricing, Scan here in the UK has the Vega 56 a bit cheaper than a reference Ti, but not by much. One thing which is kinda nuts though, the AIB versions of the Ti are using the same branding names as they do for what are normally overclocked models, eg.

Maybe they'll vary in steady state for boost clocks, but it kinda wrecks the purpose of their marketing names. When I follow the Forums link, the UK site looks different, then reverts to its more usual layout when one logs in weird.

Also, the UK site is failing to retain the login credentials from the US transfer as it used to.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language.

Install Steam. Is this normal? It's not much but should I be worried? S The case has 3 open meshes for large breathing room and is cleaned at least once a week. Showing 1 - 15 of 18 comments. Omega View Profile View Posts. Worry when the GPU gets close to 90c. Alternative, u could sell the fe and buy a with custom cooling or diy and buy a cooling kit from arctic cooling or so.

Originally posted by Omega :. Cathulhu View Profile View Posts. Why did you buy a FE and not an aftermarket one? They are generally cheaper, faster due to factory overclock and have better cooling.

Originally posted by Cathulhu :. I push my to 84C all day long on overclock. No worries. I just have the "crappy" stock unit. It sucks and all. One fan and bad design right? Nvidia wasn't stupid making it.

r9 3900x did I do something wrong? high temp

Last edited by [UFO] rad87gn ; 16 Aug, am. Originally posted by rad87gn :. The new cards are designed to run as hot as possible with as much clock as possible.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti 8GB Review: Vega In The Crosshairs

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Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Are these safe Temperatures for a GPU? Thread starter mauricipres Start date Jan 6, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Hardware Graphics Cards. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next Sort by votes. Jan 6, 3 0 0. There it seems to be a lot of space inside the case.

So now im wondering, are these temperatures safe for my GPU? So are those temperatures safe for the ti or should I worry? I browsed some PC coolers and fans but Im confused as how they work, some of them seem to be dedicated to the CPU only; and i can feel to the touch the bottom-half the GPU is right at the middle of the case, with the fans pointing downwards of my computer heating upwhile the upper-half feels just fine.

Mar 31, 6, 11 33, 1, I wish I could know what are the adviced temps range for my GPU though, that way I'd know if its okay to panic or not lol. Does the fan speed affect eprformance other than doing a lot of noise?


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