Rtl8197fs openwrt

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Sign up. Branch: master. Find file Copy path. Raw Blame History. When you build the SDK for the first time,some internet download operations will be needed,hence the internet service must be avalible on your build code environment. NOTE2 : If you do not execute ".

The firmware will be running automatically after flashing. Copy lines Copy permalink View git blame Reference in new issue. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Below are the commands when you build the SDK at the first time. NOTE1 : Sometimes the make process will be stopped due to the in-consistent kerenl config option.

Change some kernel options for your HW platform. Some kernel options may need to be selected for your HW platform for. Upload your firmware image at bootcode stage. The firmware will be running. NOTE: You can also use the same way to update your bootcode image,the latest bootcode.You seem to have CSS turned off.

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rtl8197fs openwrt

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Thanks for helping keep SourceForge clean. X You seem to have CSS turned off. Briefly describe the problem required :. Upload screenshot of ad required :. Sign Up No, Thank you.Professional Support Community Contact. Imprint Privacy Policy. Quick Links. Log in Profile View unanswered posts Log in Username:. View previous topic :: View next topic. Is there any plan for supporting Realtek chips such as the ? I read that it wasn't normally worth while, but I was wondering if anyone had one or would want to see it.

I cannot say I am too concerned myself, as I've only ever seen one router that uses the chip, and it was by a brand I think few have heard of - Hawking.

Back to top. One of the beauties of the internet is necroposting. BrainSlayer wrote:. Generally, there are maybe more those craps as you call it than dd-wrt cappable units around me.

Netgear's KWGR also uses this realtek chip and has 4mb flash and 16mb ram.

Tenda AC10

And its not that slow. And another one. EDIT: Added correct stats; for google-friendliness. Last edited by conjur on Sat Nov 20, ; edited 1 time in total. You would be correct; the ram is only 32mb; but the flash has got to be atleast 8mb; as the factory firmware is 6.

The only password I can change from the web site is the "admin" account; which is clearly not the root account. It should be possible; the issue is that I do not have the "root" password for this device; and I'm not skilled enough to think of how to crack it. I've made a bit of progress; but I'm stuck. Great success!

Problem is; the flash and bootloader are And, in the final product; nothing works. Did Realtek actually make this chip, or is it a "Taiwan Special"?The content of this topic has been archived between 22 Sep and 30 Apr There are no obvious gaps in this topic, but there may still be some posts missing at the end.

I've been postponing this post since about 2 month, hoping we will get to some stable quiet bay. But we are still not there so I decided not to wait any longer :. Particulatrly rtlc, rtle, rtld and rtl Most of you probably know that Realtek SoCs are actually Lexra cores 4xxx and 5xxx series which are modified mips cpus with few absend instrustions compared to mips.

There was some interest in rtlc based routers seen here, like [1][2][3] and even rtl [4]. Also we have it working only with binutils 2. Current toolchain patches are based on earlier work of other OpenWrt members Florian?

rtl8197fs openwrt

But we got some support from Realtek itself and now, looking at their changes and what we had before, we are going to make gcc 4.

As for the other chips, rtle boots and seems to be working but without ethernet and usb and rtld only kernel boot is working userspace explodes. Regarding the kernel and drivers we are still at 2. Wifi driver rtlcd is already made to be compiled from compat-wireless. Realtek's code is mostly GPLd or doesn't contain any copyrights so there should be no legal problems with code porting.

Sometimes there are also fake copyrights original copyright changed to Realtek. For those who are interested right now our tree is based on trunk and all changes are in realtek-unstable branch here [6]. There are also few snapshot images here [7]. There is also nprove freenode where we are free to talk or discuss any questions regarding this port.

Some also blog a little [8]. Sure we will be glad to get any help and suggestions. Feedback is also welcomed :. Our current TODO list looks approximately like this priorities could be mixed : - toolchain gcc 4. How about this, I can do a trade in program.

If you send me your Obsolete Realtek routers, I will give you a discount off an officially supported Realtek router from us. You would want a Dualband Realtek router because the 5ghz radio is backwards compatible with 2. You can configure it to also run at 2x 2. But we are still not there so I decided not to wait any longer But we are still not there so I decided not to wait any longer Most likely it will work for you already at least partly.

Remember that c doesn't have wifi embedded so the routers come with wifi companion chips like rtler or rtlre. Choosing the chip is basically a matter of configuration and currently we have no companion chip profiling. But you can change the kernel config directly if you know which wifi chip is soldered on your router.

Wlan Repeater

Well, that's a good sign - it boots : The reason is as you probably suspected that image is made for 8MB flash. But you can change the sizes as you need from menuconfig image configuration and compile your own image. Remember to use the right version of gcc if you want usb working.

Also you can use fw. Otherwise you would need two files - kernel and squashfs. I do not recommend you change the memory unless you compile your own bootloader.The content of this topic has been archived on 30 Apr There are no obvious gaps in this topic, but there may still be some posts missing at the end. Well, I posted some time ago about this chip Now I have finally taken time to hack openwrt there.

What is done: kernel compiles, image packs, device boots the image, Kernel boots, fails to mount root, since no mtd is around, yet. Lots of cleanup is also required. I only have one 'edup' router for debugging, so if anybody feels adventureous - feedback would be nice. More details posted to openwrt-devel. Hope some of this helps. I have made some decent progress with the RTLC. Currently, My source tree builds a workable dev kernel 2. I have it compiling from pure sources, including the toolchain.

NOTE- a few of the board-specific drivers are.

rtl8197fs openwrt

S source, but still source. I started going thru the kamikaze source to see how to impliment it; but there are alot if configs and whatnot. Is there a dummy guide around for implimenting a new architecture? My current source tree is kind of a disaster; and would take others alot of time to get it working properly for them- I'd prefer implement it into the OpenWRT Structure; so other coders can spend their time fixing things rather than trying to figure out what order to compile the userspace apps Not to mention that my build dir is a bit north of 2gb right now Please keep in mind that this is nowhere near release quality; as most apps were removed to get it to compile easily.

Most of this is not my work. My attempt to "cd rtlx; make" terminated with an error. The essential part of the log is as follows. There is one dead give-away that something's wrong there I'm compiling it fine on Fedora 9 Linux 2. On another note; I recently got my hands on the Holy Grail.

I know he'd be intrested in them Modify the patch set to work for r or whatever the latestkernel 2. Latest trunk was chosen for ease of forward bumping, and kernel 2. We have a very similar goal; My current plan was: 1 Get the current kernel to compile done 2 Clean up the current kernel, and put the modules where they belong wip - Realtek has a bad habbit of hacking the kernel source, and using alot of duct tape If you have a better plan, I'm all ears; but I'm not very familiar with the kernel changes in newer kernels actually I'm more familiar with 2.

On a side note; I feel really bad for whoever has been trying to crack the WPA password on my dev board for the past 2 days I mean once they get in and realize that it's not connected to anything, lol. It uses the RTLC. Appears to be built from a slightly older version of the Realtek SDK.

Power jack is a microUSB port--could be a lot of fun if it did more than power. A small matter of soldering perhaps. Pretty easy to fish out the contents of flash using the existing HTTP server. Realtek seems pragmatic; I wonder if they'd switch from their current trainwreck web server to LuCI given the chance. It's not much larger.

These both smell like they're pretty close to datasheet designs, although well executed, and like the other ZuniDigital stuff they use the case itself to form the RJ45 jacks making them the likely winner of "smallest".Realtek inherited a reduced mips ISA via Lexra, given that this differs from the normal mips ISA, it is quite a bit harder to support - especially lacking active or any- upstream development.

Great work, hackpascal! RTLintegrated 2x2 2. OEM best wireless openwrt wifi Gigabit dual-band router

Theoretically it's possible to add this device to LEDE. But again the most hard part is network drivers ethernet and wifi. I'm not sure that somebody wants to rewrite them from scratch. This is interesting, though it appears that none of these chips are in a major-brand router yet. If they were it might be possible to examine their GPL code and see how open the drivers are. You can also download GPL e. All files are c sources. Some files have GPL-label.

But some files have Realtek proprietary copyright instead. So it's not clear situation. And there are templates to add more Realtek SoCs in hackpascal's code. Somebody familiar has to just add support for newer SoCs. Who are interested? I would like to support older and often problematic devices. Of course, new devices. I have manage to put openwrt Hi fabiobassa I am interested in.


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